Welcome to the HEE South Pre-registration Moodle e-learning site

This Moodle site has been developed to support your training and includes links to important sites (e.g. GPhC and RPS), information for your regional residentials and local learning sets, GPhC-style assessment questions and more - have a browse.

Some of the activities will be released later in the year to coincide with your skill development.

We hope you find this site useful.

Welcome to the HEE South Tutor Support Moodle site.

We have developed recorded presentations that provide general advice and support suitable for all tutors, no matter what pharmacy role you are tutoring. We have also provided extra information for pre-registration pharmacists and newly qualified pharmacists. 

We hope you find this resource useful.

The Newly Qualified Pharmacist (NQP) scheme is a formative development programme to support newly registered pharmacists, or pharmacists who have recently moved into hospital pharmacy practice from another setting, to support them in their transition from pre-reg to pharmacist, or change of setting.  The scheme provides a pathway to help pharmacists to develop their skills and confidence with support from a network of people around them.

The scheme is based on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Foundation Pharmacy Framework (FPF).

This eLearning contains 6 modules, with a set of quizzes that will record results.